Converting leads is the ultimate goal of most marketing campaigns. And much has been said about how you can achieve this, including using CTA buttons, creating engaging content, simplifying your UX and so on.

While all these are good advice, there is a more powerful strategy that most marketers overlook – segmenting traffic to identify high-converting sources. By focusing your efforts on these sources, you can greatly increase your conversions while streamlining your processes at the same time.

Identifying high-converting traffic segments

How many websites are sending traffic your way? This can include your social media pages, directory listings, Google, guest blog posts or other websites where you placed your ads or that mentioned your brand. These are your traffic segments, and each has its own conversion rate.

For instance, the people who visit your site from your Facebook page may go as far as viewing your product or purchasing it, but those who found your website through a Google search may simply read your About Us page and then leave. As such, both segments drove traffic to your site but the conversion rate of the first segment is higher than the second.

There are tools you can use to simplify this process, like KISSmetrics and Google Analytics. Once you have identified where high-converting referrals are coming from, you can further investigate which specific pages, tweets, posts or URLs sent the traffic. This way you can determine the most effective campaigns or type of content for your audience. Consequently, you will be able devise a plan to improve your presence on those sites in order to get more visitors and potential increase your conversion rates.


Sometimes the most logical method for achieving a goal is to work backwards. So don’t waste your time and energy on activities that don’t convert. Segment your funnel and calibrate your marketing accordingly to maximise the traffic you’re getting. By acquiring the right traffic, you will get a better chance at acquiring more of the right customers as well.