Have you seen the new MSN homepage yet?

Well, if you hate the current straightforward and crammed interface of the website, chances are you’ll love the updated homepage, which is more interactive and pleasing to the eye.

Microsoft, reportedly, is hoping the new MSN homepage will not only be easier to browse on any device, but should function like a web-based desktop that helps users accomplish their daily tasks.

In the coming months, Microsoft will be releasing a suite of MSN apps across iOS and Android to complement its Windows and Windows Phone apps. The company says user preferences will be connected across MSN, Cortana, Bing and other Microsoft experiences once the user set his favourites.

Premium, comprehensive content

The new MSN looks pretty much like Windows 8, with a less cluttered layout and customisation options. Yes, it lets you choose what you want to see. For instance, if you want sports updates but not celebrity gossips, you can easily add, remove and shuffle the appropriate sections.

new MSN homepage customisation

“A clean, fresh design makes it easy to find and enjoy content that interests you. You can reorder categories and interests to reflect your tastes,” reads a Microsoft blog post.

In an effort to provide “premium” content, Microsoft has teamed up with a host of content providers for different categories, including AOL, Conde Nast, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and CNN. Sections include News, Sports, Money, Travel, Food & Drink, and Health and Fitness.

To provide comprehensive, global news, Microsoft also partnered with content publishers overseas, such as The Guardian and Telegraph in the UK, Hindustan Times in India, Le Figaro in France, The Yomiuri Shimbun in Japan, and many more.

“Every MSN experience includes features to make users more productive and efficient in what they’re trying to achieve. For example, in MSN News, you can set up topics to follow the news you care about. You can track “Game of Thrones” or “Ukraine” or “Obamacare” and MSN will keep you on top of relevant news, creating a newspaper whose sections are personalised for you.”

Access to productivity tools

The new MSN homepage boasts more than just aesthetic appeal. It also provides quick access to personal productivity tools via “Services Stripe”, which sits on the top side of the website.

“With a quick hover, you can easily check your e-mail, browse your OneDrive, or even access your OneNote notebooks. We’ve also integrated popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, Office 356 and Skype.”

Aside from that, the made-over site also offers a savings calculator, a 3D body explorer and a symptom checker. What’s more, if you search for a recipe in the Food & Drink section, the new MSN will allow you to convert the ingredients for that recipe into a shopping list with just one click.

“Whether it is your watchlist of stocks in MSN Money, your favorite sports teams in MSN Sports, or your recipe collections in MSN Food & Drink, those things will always be with you at your PC at work, on your iPad in the living room, or on your Android phone when you are on-the-go.”

The official launch of the new MSN homepage is yet to be announced. Until then, the old site will still hang around.