Reeling in new readers is hard, but inspiring them to trust you is even more difficult. Why you should bother to build trust is simple: first-time blog visitors can become customers. However, people don’t just buy from businesses – they buy from people they trust.

Like many people would say, you can’t negotiate on trust – you have to work hard to earn it. Here are 3 simple ways to achieve that.

  1. Blog with passion

If you have passion in blogging, generating new topics and producing share-worthy content would not be a problem. As such, you will be able to blog consistently and increase your readership in the process. As your audience grows, so will the opportunities for converting visitors into customers.

Passion will also fuel your blog’s purpose, whether that is to build your personal brand, to attract high-paying clients, to build a community or something else.

When you write passionately and have a clear purpose in mind, it is easy to attract the right audience and provide the kind of content they might enjoy. It is also easier to track your progress and make improvements accordingly.

  1. Listen to your audience

Blogging is not a one-way street. In order to forge a connection with your readers, you have to be aware of their pain points and the things that matter to them. The best way to do is by listening, and not just talking.

By listening to your blog readers, you can discover ways to offer value. And when your product or service has a higher perceived value, selling it will no longer be a challenge.

There are many ways to allow your readers to express their ideas and opinions. You can ask them open-ended questions to find out what their challenges are, or try any of the following tips:

  • Add an opt-in box to capture email leads
  • Answer their questions or reply to comments to elicit further information
  • Use Survey Monkey to send questionnaires to your blog readers and subscribers
  • Send personalised emails to follow up with your subscribers

By giving them a voice, your readers will feel empowered and grow more attached to your brand. It might seem surprising, but your readers will actually tell you what they think, feel or want if you ask them. And when they do, you can use their feedback to create top-notch blog posts that convert.

  1. Understand their mindset

Why do people visit a blog? Chances are it’s because someone they know has said something nice about that blog or shared one of its article on social media.

According to Amitavac, “70% of customer’s brand perception is determined by experiences with people.” In other words, you have to make a good first impression for potential readers.

An effective way to do that is to include social proof, testimonials and reviews in your landing pages. Other elements you can use are video demos, case studies and third-party reviews. If you can show evidence of what you can offer, you will definitely attract more interest from potential customers or clients the same way the team at Conversion Rate Experts did.

When other people talk about your product or service, it comes across as real and authentic. As such, it encourages people to learn more about you, thus increasing your email subscriptions, leads and even sales. Make it easy for them to do so by adding call-to-action buttons right below your client testimonials or social proof.

Over time, you will build a community of highly engaged readers and subscribers. That alone will help you increase readership and awareness. But this process takes time, so you have to be really patient. Again, if you are passionate enough, you will hardly even notice time.


Your blog is a powerful tool for connecting with potential customers. Everything you do with it will definitely have an impact to your business.

But in order to build a successful and profitable blog, you should see blogging as an avenue to enrich people’s lives and help solve their problems. That’s how you earn their trust. And with that, you will eventually drive significant traffic, build a tightly-knit community and earn a living.