It seems the end to Google’s local Carousel has finally come – at least for some search categories.

The Local Carousel of search results for hotels, restaurants, nightlife and entertainment is now being replaced by a pack of three organic listings along with some secondary pages, according to a report from Search Engine Land.

Rather than showing a photo-based display at the top of search results, Google now displays a 3-pack results section below the paid listings. Needless to say, this 3-pack results are not paid ads but the highest ranking listings picked by Google’s algorithm.

Here’s how it looks like:

When a user clicks on any of the three results, they will land on the business’ profile page which looks similar to the one displayed in a Knowledge Graph panel for local listings.

For instance, if you search for hotels in New York, you’ll be able to see the room availability and pricing, like in the Knowledge Graph panel. Specifically for the hotels category, the business info page may feature an ad unit that allows you to book directly from there.

If you want to explore more listings, you can click on the “More” link at the bottom of the 3-pack results to view a full page of local results along with a large map on the right margin. Again, clicking on any of those listings will take you to the entity’s details page.

This new format is arguably much better than the carousel as it doesn’t disrupt the user experience and enables more information to be displayed. So, it’s good news not just for customer but for local SEOs and business owners as well.

This format is still in testing, though, and the new flow is currently only available on desktop, not in mobile. So, we’ll have to wait for Google to make it official.