Many are wondering, “Is Matt Cutts finally done with web spam fighting?” Will he ever return to Google?

The 14-year veteran at Google has been on leave since July, with the intent of coming back in October this year. However, Cutts said his team was doing great by themselves and his break from the company has gone so well that he will be extending it through the next year.

Before October ended, the head of Google’s web spam team added a note to his original blog post about going on leave, saying:

“When I went on leave, I wanted to see how webspam would go without me. I’ve been talking to people on both the algorithmic and manual webspam teams during my leave, and they’ve been doing a top-notch job. So I’m planning on extending my leave into 2015.”

So, now it’s unclear whether or not Matt Cutts will still return to his post at Google, especially since the web spam team is doing fine without him. And if he does come back, no one knows when.

Matt Cutts has been the face and voice of Google for many years. Needless to say, he was a popular figure in the industry. In his absence, various webmaster trends analysts and Googlers have served as the team’s public faces to the SEO and webmaster community, although they don’t enjoy the “rockstar” status Cutts did.

Cutts has been with Google since 2000 and has led the web spam team 10 years ago. With him stepping out of his role and wanting to spend more time with his family, Cutts’ web spam fighting days might just be effectively over.

Meanwhile, Bing Forrester, Cutts’ counterpart at Bing, has recently lost his job in the third round of Microsoft layoffs in October 29.