After about 10 long months of waiting, Google has finally announced a new Panda refresh which began rolling out this weekend.

According to Search Engine Land, the new update codenamed Panda 4.2 will take months to roll out completely, which is uncharacteristic of Panda Updates. But Google confirmed that the update is happening incredibly slowly so some of your web pages might not see a change immediately. This could be the reason why very few webmasters noticed the update this weekend.

As of the moment, Google said Panda 4.2 impacted about 2-3% of English language queries.

As with any Google algorithm update, the latest Panda refresh brings with it new penalty for some and a new chance for others. If you have made the right fixes after Panda 4.1, then you might have a chance to redeem yourself now. Of course, since it’s happening very slowly, you won’t notice the full impact right away. But you should nonetheless see changes in your organic rankings over time.

The last update before this, which was the 28th Panda refresh, happened back in September 25, 2014. It shook up the SERPs pretty well, with news sites, download portals and content-based sites emerging as the biggest winners. Many speculated that the update was in favour of such sites because they are regularly updated with new, quality information. On the other hand, medical, gaming and lyrics sites were hit the most due to the fact that they feature thin content that also happens to be the exact same as what their competitors feature.

It is yet unclear what new ranking factors were added to Panda 4.2. But if you were hit by th previous update, you should have already addressed issues like duplicate or unoriginal content and thin content by now. Otherwise, it might take another 10 months or longer for your site to recover – and that’s just bad news for your ranking and visibility.