Google Copresence will break down the barriers between operating systems.

The feature allows Android users to share files with other users in close proximity, regardless of whether they’re using an iOS phone. It was first discovered by an Android Police source while exploring the latest Google Play Services APK.

While Google has yet to make an official statement, Tech Crunch has reported Copresence will let devices using Bluetooth or local information to link with other devices nearby, without requiring contact list approval for authentication.

Once the link has been established, the Copresence functionality would then allow users to share information back and forth using Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi Direct.

According to the report, Copresence would also “enable the sharing of maps, music, photos, websites and more, and would likely sport a strong integration with its Hangouts chat application, based on the graphics uncovered in the Services APK.”

Google’s Android Beam, as well as Apple’s AirDrop, does basically the same thing, except it doesn’t allow cross-platform file sharing.

“Copresence, which we saw a glimpse of in a recent teardown, appears to be aimed at letting nearby Android and iOS devices communicate with one another in a variety of ways, exchanging files, photos, directions, messages, or other content, essentially making Copresence a sort of contactless, cross-platform version of Android Beam,” reported Android Police.

The feature is expected to be released “in the coming weeks,” possibly along with the release of Google’s next-gen mobile OS, Android 5.0 Lollipop.