What you need to know – Deep linking explained

In today’s article we take a look at the next phenomenon in digital marketing – deep linking – which is not a conventional SEO (search engine optimisation) technique offered to you by most providers.  This is MUST know information as you can use this new feature to sky rocket on mobile searches by making a few simple changes – so forward this to whoever is in charge of marketing at your firm!

At the moment – SEO providers mainly focus on getting you to display in search based on key terms – the most important of which is your own business name. However – the results of SEO firms deteriorate when you extend searches to mobile devices – which incorporate GPS positioning and user behaviours to again modify search results.

Another factor which you need to consider when analysing the SEO requirements for your own business is what applications the user already has installed. Google has now announced that for all users with relevant apps on their devices will see more contented provided by and featured on the app when they search for something on their device! Put simply if we search for the Passenger song – “Let Her Go” – under normal search conditions we would receive the following results

deep linking

Deep linking – an example

However going forward – when a user submits an enquiry which Google believes an app provides a relevant answer or result to – the result will be displayed on Google mobile search, encouraging the user to open the result inside the app – this process is referred to as deep linking. Let’s again take the above example – if the user was to type in “Let her Go” they would receive a link to listen to the song on Shazam if they had this particular app installed.

deep linking

Therefore it is so important that you encourage your existing database to install an app on their phone which is the property of your company and not only to visit your website – as going forward those companies with a large pool of app users will be able to prioritise their content above those of other firms.

Therefore consider building an app or making modifications to your existing app infrastructure to support the new deep linking features Google has made public.

Image courtesy of searchenginewatch.com