Approximately 3,000 employees lost their jobs in the third wave of Microsoft layoffs on October 29. Sadly, this includes Bing’s long-time Webmaster Outreach Manager Duan Forrester, who served as Bing’s face to webmasters and the SEO community for four years.

Duane confirmed the news in his blog, saying “yesterday (Oct.29) was one of the most emotional days of my life.” Apparently, his and his entire group’s positions were “eliminated” as part of several structural changes Microsoft did.

Nevertheless, Duane isn’t bitter but rather thankful. From his post:

“I am confident in my own abilities and hopeful for each of those affected by yesterday’s layoffs. It happens. Companies make decisions every day. And while it may seem easy to quarterback things like this from a distance, I can state I feel no enmity. Not an ounce.

The last 7 years of work with Microsoft have been a gift. I have learned, made new friends, travelled, helped build successful products and in some small way. I think, helped make a difference, a positive difference, for businesses, consultants and SEOs worldwide. Tough to be bitter with anyone who enabled THAT in your life.”

Forrester is Bing’s equivalent to Google’s Matt Cutts. And although, he didn’t pull the same large crowds as Cutts does when he steps on stage, he was popular nonetheless. He effectively gave personality to Bing. In fact, he was named US Search Personality of the year just this October, according to Search Engine Land.

There are no news yet as to whether Google will snatch up Forrester, but John Mueller from Google wrote this on Twitter: “Sorry to hear about that! I’m sure we’ll see more of you regardless.”

Matt Cutts also commented:

“That all being said – we all huge respect and best wishes to Duane for all his services to the community over the last decade or so. I am sure you will be fine, but I hope Bing will not suffer to bad from the poor decision.”

Forrester’s termination is definitely a bigger loss to Microsoft than it is to him. The company has made no comment about who would be taking over his place. Or since, his entire team was axed, if there’s an impact to Bing Webmaster Tools.

The final wave of Microsoft layoffs is expected in early 2015, ZDNet is reporting. This will complete the announced 18,000 cuts of which 12,500 came from employees the company acquired when it bought Nokia’s phone business.