The internet may have been abuzz when Google announced a slow rollout of its latest Panda refresh last week, but that didn’t keep some webmasters to notice significant changes in Bing changes around the same time.

According to Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Roundtable, a WebmasterWorld member pointed out that there might have been a Bing Update as well. The webmaster posted the following on the forum site:

“Bing, has dropped considerably. This is something I haven’t seen before. Bing has always been stable for us (we have a love-hate- relationship with Google). But the past few days, Bing has brought us less traffic than Yahoo (which is also strange as Yahoo is ALWAYS significantly less than Bing referrals).”

If you do check Bing’s search trend on SERP Metrics, you’ll see some significant fluctuations. But then, Schwartz explains that Bing, as well as Yahoo, tends to show fluctuations often.

Bing's weather on SERPmetrics

The webmaster who first reported the alleged Bing update said he experienced a massive 25% drop in traffic from Bing referrals. Based on the forum discussion, it may also have been an anomaly as the fluctuations lasted only for three days.

Have you noticed anything amiss with Bing lately as well?