Two weeks ago, Apple released iOS 9 as a public beta that anyone can download. And now, they are back with v2 after doing some bug fixes and speed enhancements.

iOS 9 packs a number of new features and enhanced functionalities, which brings Apple’s mobile OS at par with the best features users currently enjoy in Android and Windows devices. Some of the most notable changes that make iOS devices more useful include:

The return of Home Sharing

This feature was quietly dropped in iOS 8.4, but it’s making a comeback in iOS 9 to let you music streaming from your desktop Mac to your other Apple device over your local network.

A smarter Siri

Aside from a slight change in design, Siri can now answer questions that relate to times and locations. For example, you can now ask Siri to “Show me all the photos I took last Thursday” or “Remind me to call Mom when I get home.”

Better Spotlight search

When you launch the app by swiping down or swiping right from the first home screen, you’ll be shown your most recent apps, most common contacts, stories from News and a few things you might want to know are Nearby. When you click on a Nearby item, you will be quickly redirected to Maps to view all the locations that match your choice.

A default News app

Apparently, Apple decided to put together its own news app so you don’t have to download third-party apps in the App Store.

The Apple News app lets you pick from news services and categories then gives you a feed of the latest stories. It also lets you explore suggested channels and topics, but you can tyoe in a particular topic using the search button.

More Notes tools

The Notes app also got a slight overhaul with several additional tools that make it more useful. With the iOS 9 update, you’ll be able to quickly make check lists, add images and add formatting to notes. There’s also a scribble pad where you can jot down notes or draw with your finger, and it comes with a selection of pen types and colours. If you’re using another app, such as Safari, you can simply touch the share button to include a link directly to one of your existing notes.

A new Low Power Mode

One of the most annoying things about smartphones is that the battery life often doesn’t last beyond 24 hours, with moderate use. Well now Apple is trying to address this problem with its new Low Power Mode, which can add up to 3 more hours of battery life.

In the settings, you can simply flip the switch to reduce or disable things like background app refresh and visual effects.

Multitasking features

The iPad gets its own set of upgrades with the iOS 9, including a Split-Screen feature that lets you run two apps side by side for easier multitasking; a Slide Over feature that lets you bring up a shortcut bar of apps by swiping from the side; and a Picture-in-Picture video tool that allows pop-up video playback in a small window that you can drag around the screen or pinch to adjust the size.

According to CNET, iOS 9 will be compatible with every device including the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S. But still it would be better not to put the public beta on your Apple device if you use it primarily for communication or work.

If you already have iOS 9 on your phone or iPad, just hit the update button in your settings to start enjoying the latest build. If you aren’t already in the Public Beta program, you can sign up here.