A new report from video metrics company Unruly, entitled Geography of Sharing, revealed that majority of the global video shares is coming from Facebook.

Interestingly, 83% of all sharing activities are done by only 17.9% of all internet users. These ‘super-sharers’, as Unruly calls them, are not only driving a large part of global video shares, but they are also sharing fast, with over 40% of videos shared across social networks within three days of upload.

The report analysed over 521 billion video views and global video sharing patterns across 11 countries and regions: Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Japan, Norway, South East Asia, Sweden, South Korea, UK and the US.

Facebook is Top Platform for Video Sharing

Days earlier, a report from Shareaholic unveiled that Facebook is the biggest driver of social referrals. And now, here comes another whitepaper that touts the social media giant as the most active platform for sharing video content.

Specifically, Facebook generates 59.4% of global video shares, with Twitter accounting for 13.8%, Google+ 9.3%, Tumblr 5.7% and Pinterest 3.9%. Other social networks like Reddit, Email, LinkedIn and StumbleUpon were also tracked.

If you have a keen eye, you’ll notice the absence of YouTube, the biggest video-sharing platform, in the data. Apparently, while YouTube has social sharing features to other networks, it doesn’t facilitate video sharing within the site itself. Nevertheless, Unruly noted that less than 25% of worldwide video views (not to be mistaken with video shares) are happening on YouTube.

Based on the global distribution of YouTube views shown below, Brazil accounts for the lion’s share of 50.3%, with Japan generating the least views at 19.3%.

More Important Findings

The report also found some interesting information on the video sharing behaviour of the ‘super-sharers’.

For one, it found that South Koreans were the fastest and most engaged video sharers of all. This can be associated with the fact that the country enjoys the fastest broadband internet connections worldwide. South Koreans are also more likely to play, replay and share video ads, although German (79%) and British (77%) viewers were the most likely to consume a video ad to completion.

Can you guess what drives people to share videos? Happiness. That’s right. It’s the number 1 global trigger for sharing videos across social media, which is actually common across the nations. Other common triggers are feelings of hilarity, exhilaration, inspiration and warmth.

So, how can marketers take advantage of this data? Unruly’s EMEA MD Olly Smith suggests:

“Location activation is the key to success and this is where data-driven insight, revealing the subtle difference in sharing habits by market and by demographic, can propel campaigns to global success.”