Breathe a new life into your past content to stay active on social media.

If you have an existing content that hasn’t seen traction for quite some time, but offers valuable information, why not repurpose it today? Repurposing your existing content means that you must change its format based on the online publishing platform that you intend to use.

By reusing past content, you’ll have the chance to create less content and spend more time promoting it. Not only will you be adding more value to your past content, but you will also gain opportunities to promote the content across multiple channels and attract new customers.

Evergreen content is best to repurpose since it’s not time-specific, but still offers relevant information.

Here are some ideas to help you turn old content into new shareable posts:

  1. Turn Audio Content to Blog Post

Do you often publish podcasts? If you have audio content that gained high traffic in the past, have it transcribed and republish it in a written format.

This gives a longer life to your audio content and possibly provides you a wider audience. The same can be said with video content. Videos can create interesting blog posts as they show both words and picture to people.

There are many online transcription services available out there if you don’t have time to transcribe your audio or video content.


  1. Create an Infographic Out of Your Content

If you want to engage your audience with an attention-grabbing blog post, simply turn your written content into an infographic. It’s a visual representation of information, data or knowledge, which aims to educate readers in a quick and easy way.

If your post contains valuable data like surveys and research findings, repurpose it in an inforgraphic form so you can get your point across easily.


  1. Put Your Content into a Slideshare Presentation

If you already have a PowerPoint presentation or a written content that’s ideal to become one, have it published on Slideshare, an online presentation platform.

There are websites such as Canva that provide tools to help you create professional-looking presentations that are right for your platform of choice.


  1. Turning Quotes into Visuals

Social media users are mostly attracted to visuals. These grab their attention more than any other types of content. One of the best ways to create shareable visuals is to pair a meaningful quotation or message with a nice image that relates to it.

Online tools such as Canva can assist you when it comes to choosing and editing visuals. The platform provides cool typography and templates to help you create the perfect visuals to suit an array of social media sites.

Don’t let your existing, excellent content buried underneath the new ones. Repurposing it is a great way to maximise its value. It can also pull in a new set of audience from different platforms without exhausting so much of your time.