The holidays are fast coming and a lot of marketers are already putting in place advertising campaigns on their website and social media pages. Well, if you want to bring more customers to your doors, make sure to launch a strong, unique ad campaign on Twitter.

According to a recently conducted Twitter study, 54 percent of users said that promotions they learn about on Twitter motivate them to buy. This engagement is a result of the holiday-related conversations people have on Twitter, from cooking to giving and shopping.

Twitter users shop early and spend more

Compared to those who don’t user the social network, Twitter users start their holiday shopping earlier, spend more and often buy on impulse – making them an ideal audience to retailers.

“More than a third (34%) have already begun thinking about holiday shopping. And they’re enjoying it: 81% say they love holiday shopping, compared to 56% of non-users,” the company said in a blog post.

In addition, 24% plan to spend $1,000 or more in the months leading up to the holidays. Their lists include clothing or shoes (75%); gift certificates (71%); entertainment gifts (65%); and electronics (63%).

Moreover, majority of Twitter users (87%) also reported they end up getting a few extra things that weren’t on their shopping lists.

That being said, Twitter’s holiday marketing advice is to launch your campaign soon enough to ensure you command the users’ attention. The social network also suggests highlighting great prices and positive reviews when creating your ads, as these are the top factors that influence users’ purchasing decisions. With 7 of 10 Twitter users shopping on mobile devices, Twitter also recommends making your website mobile friendly.

Conversation volume and sales

According to Twitter, conversation volume about a particular product is strongly correlated with sales. So, marketers are encouraged to drive conversations about their brands especially on key days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, when conversations about holiday shopping peak.

Twitter also suggests trying a limited-time offer, as most users plan to take advantage of such promotions they see on the platform.

More than a third (39%) of holiday shoppers says they look to Twitter for gift ideas, while 54% say they check Twitter when shopping at a retail store. This means the social platform is a major influencer to holiday purchase decisions.

Consequently, the company says it’s important for marketers to identify “which ad content, format and audience targeting work best, and optimize accordingly.” They should also encourage users to tweet regularly about their brand and special promotions, as many users consider recommendations from friends and family when making a purchase.

The study was conducted with DB5 in August 2014, surveying 2,100 US holiday shoppers aged 13 and up who regularly use Twitter.