Pinterest unveiled Buyable Pins in its San Francisco headquarters today. This will allow users to purchase things within the app.

It works through what they call as Rich Pins- pins that have much more information than a normal link. Rich Pins will get a new button that lets users buy things directly from partners that it’s working for. The new button also will allow users to view prices and be able to choose specific types of a product like the size and colour. After the selection process, they can tap the button to finally purchase the product. The item bought will be delivered right at the user’s door.

The Buyable Pins feature will be available later this month. The photo-sharing site has partnered with Stripe for its payment-handling service, as well as with companies like Braintree and Apple to ensure that the company won’t be responsible for any credit card information. The good news is that there’s no fee for buyers and sellers.

“Right now since everyone uses their phone, but it’s still a pain to buy things,” Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann said. “There are fiddle menus, you have to squint to see the images.”

Buyable Pins will be seen in all of Pinterest features the same with recommendations and search. Users can pay in two ways: credit card or with Apple Pay. Macy’s and Nordstrom are the retailers to stock Pinterest with millions of products. Not only that, but Pinterest has also partnered with local brands and merchants.

Before unveiling their newest ecommerce feature, Pinterest in May launched another service called the Marketing Developer Program that gives marketers the essential tools to market products and services using the site. The tools include pin scheduling and API optimisation among others. They aim to help marketers grow their presence on Pinterest organically. Along with the new program came the first video ads and pricing options for advertisers on Pinterest.

The company is quickly justifying its $11 billion valuation to investors. Advertisers have seen Pinterest as a gold mine to market their offerings and potentially take the people through the entire marketing funnel. As the company continually grows its user base, it also continues to grow its ability to monetise its users. This will propel the company to grow even more and continue to add new options and features for marketers and advertisers, keeping the cycle in check.