Facebook has been perpetually criticised for the way it curates its users’ news feed. Some users detest the social network for forcing irrelevant stories or paid ads on them.

And so, since the main purpose of the news feed is to help users catch up on the latest trends online and what’s happening with their friends, Facebook is handing its members more control over their news threads.

The new Facebook News Feed settings will now show a list of the top people, Groups and Pages that surfaced in your thread over the past seven days. You can opt to view a summary list of these updates or sort by people, Groups or Pages.

Prior to this update, Facebook algorithmically chooses the top 300 stories (out of the 1,500+ updates) that it thinks a user will most likely want to see, based on his or her previous interaction with posts from friends, Pages and Groups. With the new settings, users can now manually finetune and give feedback about their news feed so they only see the stories that matter most to them.

So, if you see boring or trivial posts in your News Feed, you can simply unfollow the person, Page or Group that posted them. You can also view the people you’ve unfollowed in the past and choose to re-follow them at any time.

You can also hide stories by tapping the arrow in the top right of a post you’re not interested in or dont want to see.  When you hide a story, you are given the option to see less from that particular friend or Page.

If you opt to see less from that person, you will be given the option to unfollow him if you want none of his stories in your thread.

“What you do in News Feed helps determine what you see in News Feed,” said Facebook product manager Greg Marra. “You decide who you want to connect to, and what Pages and public figures you want to follow.”

The new Facebook News Feed settings is now available on both desktop and mobile devices. Meanwhile, the options for giving fedback about your News Feed is already available on desktop and will come to mobile in the coming weeks.