Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is inviting Facebook users to its very first “Community Q&A” this Thursday, November 6th. So, if you have a burning question about the social network, this is your chance to get answers.

Zuckerberg said this public Facebook Community Q&A event is an extension of an internal tradition every Friday, wherein Facebook employees will ask him questions about anything they want. In a Facebook post, he wrote:

“It’s an important part of Facebook’s culture. People ask thoughtful questions about why our company is going in certain directions, what I think about things happening in the world, and how we can continue improving our services for everyone. I learn a lot from these Q&As, and the questions people as help us build better services.

Now I want to extend this tradition to our whole community.”

The hour-long Facebook Community Q&A event will be livestreamed on the “Q&A with Mark” page, where users can post their questions as a comment and like other questions people have asked to push those to the top of the queue.

The move is meant to up the transparency

Mark’s post was flooded with comments just hours after it was posted, with many people hailing the move as a “nice” “brave” move by the CEO. So far, some of the questions in the comments are:

  • When are we getting back our post’s and page’s organic reach?
  • What is the future of Facebook Events?
  • Why do you force “top stories” on us?

Of course, there are also trivial comments like “Mark, what’s your phone number?” as well as silly ones like “How many instagrams in a kilogram?”

If you’re looking for valuable answers to your business-related questions, you probably shouldn’t expect much. After all, it would be impossible for Zuckerberg to answer questions from 1.5 billion Facebook users – or even a quarter of this – within just an hour.

However, it sounds like an interesting event, so you might want to stay tuned.