With its insanely massive user base, Facebook has become the top social media channel for businesses that want to introduce their product or service to the marketplace. The biggest merit to this approach is you have a defined audience or demographic who already has an emotional connection to your brand. Not to mention, promoting a product on social media involves very little money.

But does this mean leveraging Facebook for product launches works all the time? Definitely not. There are a number of best practices to effectively amplify your campaign using the biggest social networking site.

Start with a teaser campaign

Let your Facebook fans know something exciting is coming their way. But don’t make all of your posts about it – just drop a hint now and again. This will build buzz and generate excitement even while your product is still in the pre-launch stage.

Be creative about your project. Use random photos in your post to spark curiosity. Share progress images such as an obscured image of the product packaging or your team building the product. Alternatively, create a video on Facebook featuring behind-the-scenes, a sneak peek into your process or the specific need you hope to address. Visual elements will give your posts a huge boost in reach and engagement.

Be careful not to reveal too much early on, though. You don’t want to ruin the surprise for them.

Tie up your social efforts with real-world promotions

Organise a pre-launch event and invite your Facebook fans to come for a sample or a preview of your product. It doesn’t have to be fancy. If appropriate, you can set up a stall at the farmer’s market or install a booth at a local fair or any such event.

Hand out freebies or a small gift to your attendees. Not only will this make them feel appreciated, but chances are they will post a photo of it on Facebook for their friends and family to see. That’s added exposure for your product. Make sure to document the event as well so you can share the photos on Facebook and further intensify the hype.

Encourage fans to spread the word

If you already have a loyal following, leverage it to expand your campaign’s reach. A brilliant way of doing so is by offering a reward to those who will help you get the word out. You can run promotions like a draw for random fans who will get custom versions of your product or a contest for naming the product. This will definitely keep the excitement going as you finally do the big reveal.

Also, make sure to cross-promote your product launch on other social networks to get your message out to a wider audience. This is important especially if many of your Twitter and Instagram followers are the same people as your Facebook fans.

Show your gratitude and measure results post-launch

Once you have launched your product, thank all the people who have helped you throughout the process including your audience, affiliates and promotional partners.

More importantly, take a look at your analytics and do a bit of research on which strategies worked best. Check what types of posts got the most interaction, i.e. likes, views or shares. Assess if your Facebook contest successfully drew in new fans or converted leads into sales. The data you collect will be useful for improving your campaigns for your next launch.