Now that Pinterest allows people to purchase things directly on its platform via the Buyable Pins button, it’s the perfect time to tap its power to grow your market.

If your brand also caters to men, it’s best that you shake the idea that the said network is for women only. Pinterest’s guided search section helps you to uncover results based on the gender of users. This enabled the growth in male users by 73 per cent in 2014.

With the fast increase of male Pinterest users today, you should start taking advantage of this opportunity by targeting men who are using the platform.

Here’s how you can market to men on Pinterest:

  1. Follow Male-Targeted Boards


Since your marketing campaigns are targeted to men, why not start following boards that cater to their interests? What do men usually do? What keeps them into action?

Understanding your audience begins when you can grasp their interests. This will help you know the type of content that appeals to them.

You can also follow boards from your industry, especially those related to your products and content. But don’t just do it for the sake of following. Make sure that the boards you follow will really interest your target audience, such as men’s apparel, technology, and travel.

  1. Pin Images that Attract to Men


Focus on the things that are getting pinned and liked the most. Pin images that appeal to men actively. This will help you increase your followers on the platform.

The algorithm of Pinterest will recognise the stuff that you are pinning and use them as basis to the images that it will display on your feed and guided search.

  1. Use Pinterest Promoted Pins to Specifically Target Men


Just like Facebook ads, Pinterest also now has the Promoted Pins. They are paid pins that targeted users will easily notice. This gives you the chance to conveniently target and display your pins to men.

  1. Inviting Followers from Other Platforms to Follow You on Pinterest

If you already have grown a male audience on other platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, invite them to follow you on Pinterest. The same can be said if you have male email subscribers and website visitors. This will not only help grow your website traffic, but also potentially increase your sales through the site.

  1. Use Tried-and-Tested Pinterest Marketing Techniques

Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Common Pinterest marketing tactics still work, such as pinning consistently with keywords on pins and boards. The mentioned tactic helps in getting your Pinterest boards get found immediately on the search.

If you want to access the network’s marketing tools like its analytics and promoted pins, ensure that you can sign up for a business account.

Truth be told, pins on Pinterest are 100x more viral than posts and tweets on Facebook and Twitter. You can also be assured that a great percentage of your target audience will visit the platform more frequently.