Twitter is irrefutably one of the most infiltrated platforms that most small businesses dip their toe in. When utilised properly, Twitter presents a myriad of opportunities that small business owners can take advantage of.

So if you are striving to make your small business grow in less time, why not harness Twitter and all its wonderful offerings. This social network not only allows you to create your sphere of influence within your industry and hear what your clients and rivals are saying in real-time, but it also increases your chances in growing your business in a whole new way.

Here are some tips to help you maximise your 14-character interactions.

Relationships first, business second

Twitter should primarily be used to gain networks, not to do sales pitch. You wouldn’t walk into a local business network conference shouting your newest offering when people say hello. And that exactly applies to Twitter. While it does not stop you from mentioning your business in your tweets, you must know which tweets should have your business in it.

Twitter is more about creating relationships. And if you try to build relationships first, Twitter has a way of generating more referrals and making your brand known.

Involve Your Audience

You don’t have to be technically proficient to effectively interact with your audience. Because of the platform’s simplicity and ease of usage, it is one of the most ideal media for audience participation.

Twitter is an excellent place for high-engagement interactive content that can boost its fun-factor among your followers. A good example is by running a contest, asking users to submit video clips or tweet with an image of them using your products or services in the most creative way. The most original content gets to have a prize. By engaging in such activity, not only are you getting attention to your Twitter page and your business, you are also opening doors of opportunities for your business by re-engaging old contacts and generating new followers.

Be Active

So, this is basically obvious, but many businesses fail to realise this after they have created their profiles, acquired a number of followers, and released some tweets. Regardless of the industry you are in, keep your tweets coming and coming – posting at least a few times a week.

Keep in mind that there is always something to post about; the digital landscape is evolving and it always has something interesting for the web users. From breaking industry news to funny quotations and the latest in your business, there is always you can share.

Remember that consumers are likely to dismiss inactive accounts or consider them as spam or fake. So if you remain active and engage your users regularly, you will keep your followers interested in your brand and hence building brand loyalty.