Instagram, the Facebook-owned image and video sharing app, has officially launched video ads Thursday, October 30th.

After six months of testing, the first Instagram video ads finally made their debut with five major brands, including Disney, Lancome, Banana Republic, Activision and CW. The 15-second auto-play ads will continue to roll over the coming weeks, according to Ad Week.

Like videos on Facebook’s News Feed, Instagram video ads play automatically as it appears on a user’s stream. Any audio content will be muted by default and will play once the user taps the volume control. For instance, Disney’s video ad for its new animated film, Big Hero 6, shows the lead characters posing like they were taking selfies.

“We felt like we wanted to step up in a big way for Big Hero 6,” said senior vice president of media Anthy Price. “And we’re excited about video.”

Instagram has been very cautious about how ads are served on the platform ever since it launched static image ads. According to Marketing Land, CEO Kevin Systrom says he reviews every ad before they roll out to ensure they don’t appear too salesy and that they contain fresh content that resonates with the platform’s young vibe. The same is true for the new video ads.

The hands-on approach actually makes sense, especially for an app that had been mostly commercial free. In retrospect, the early adopters of Instagram’s sponsored images received negative feedback from users who frowned at any advertising-related activity in their feeds.

However, during the testing of Instagram video ads, the company reported positive brand awareness and ad recall. Ad Week’s report says the launch advertisers were eager to be viewed as innovators.

“It wasn’t a hard decision for us,” attested Brian Chang of Lancome USA, which was promoting a new fragrance and mascara. “We, as a brand, wanted to take advantage of being first to market.”

The move closely follows the launch of similar ads on rival apps Tumblr and Snapchat. The ephemeral mobile messaging app, Snapchat, released its first video ad this month for the movie Ouija from Universal Pictures.