It’s not always that we comment, share, or like the stuff our friends are posting in our Facebook NewsFeed. Even the posts that we sometimes think we care about are left without hitting the like or share button. For example, a friend of yours posted a tragedy that happened to their family or an earthquake to another country- you’d probably feel guilty to like on that post- but still you care about it.

Because of this, Facebook is bringing another change in its algorithms to make a new metric. It will count the amount of time you spend looking at the published stuff in your feed, whether you react on them or not.

Behind the scenes, Facebook will start the timer once you scroll past some things and stop to look at one for an amount of time. Facebook will learn if you’re particularly interested on that kind of content or not.

If you spend some time on a post- staring at a photo, reading the comment thread- the social networking site will take that as a sign that you are interested and care about the issue or story at hand.

It’s hard to say what Facebook’s motives are for making this change, but we can all assume that they’re doing this to deliver the best content for individual users. How it impacts the way we use our feeds will somehow be interesting to say the least.  Once its new algorithms will all be implemented, the social media giant will start to understand what catches your attention and what you care about the most.

The changes won’t be obviously felt immediately. It will take some time to perfect this approach. There’s also factors that may affect a user’s time spent on a post, like walking away from the computer and leaving your NewsFeed camping on a random post you don’t actually like.

Facebook will begin to implement the changes in the weeks to come.