Videos are an awesome way to connect with your audience. It’s all in the numbers. A 2014 survey of marketers revealed that 71 percent of respondents found video to convert better than text and images. And by 2018, video is predicted to account for 84 percent of all internet traffic.

The good news is you don’t need a big wad of cash to make good video content! You don’t need to spend too much time on it either. You could just record a video using your smartphone or tablet and upload it directly to Facebook.

But of course, there are certain factors you need to take into account to ensure a high visibility and greater engagement, such as content relevancy, timing and video length. This article will cover those things and a little bit more, so read on to learn valuable tips for your Facebook video marketing efforts.

  1. Offer variety

If you regularly post the same brand of content, your page will quickly become predictable and boring. Remember people can only laugh at the same joke a few times.

Keep your fans wanting for more by spicing up your video content. Produce a nice mix of serious and entertaining video content, including humour, how-tos and daily tips. If you receive a lot of questions from fans, you could create explainer videos as well. In such case, using video provides a more personal and thoughtful touch that a text post never could.

You could also make a video series and post an update on a regular basis to give your fans something to look forward to. But make sure to throw in a little surprise every now and then. The important thing is to deliver value to your audience by sharing your expertise, experience and perspective, because that’s how you get value back from them.

  1. Upload a video when it makes sense

Not because videos generate higher engagement doesn’t mean you should overdo it. Time your posts when it makes the most sense for your audience.

Take a look at how each type of video content is performing and when it is performing the best, and then tie your findings to your posting strategy. For instance, if your fans engage better with news updates in the morning, share similar posts during the day. It’s that simple.

While consistency is important, there really is no need to set a regular posting schedule for videos. Again, use the element of surprise to keep your Page interesting.

  1. Post preview for long-form content

If your video takes longer than 5 minutes, choose a highlight to post as a preview on Facebook then include a link to the full video in your caption. Facebook users have very limited attention span, and they get easily bored with long videos. A one- or two-minutes long video is optimal for an average Facebook user’s consumption.

By using previews, you can give your fans a taste of what they’ll get in the complete version of the video. If they like what they see, they’ll more likely click on your link to watch the full video – that means additional traffic to your YouTube channel.

  1. Make it shareable and actionable

You want people to share your content or click on your video, so make it easy for them to do that. For instance, use intriguing or unusual headlines to catch your audience’s attention. Or choose a provocative thumbnail to make your post more attractive and consequently boost views.

To make your video shareable, think along the lines of the viewer’s mindset. When people share content, they act as if they own them. In other words, if people can relate to your content or find it amusing, they are more likely to share it to their friends.

Another way to draw attention to your videos is by using the Facebook video tab. Here, you can batch videos together in relevant segments so they are easier to consume. You can also highlight your best video by setting it as your Featured Video and adding a headline and a running comment stream.

  1. Post videos on location

An awesome way to use video in your Facebook marketing is to share what happens behind the scenes or updates from company-hosted events. This way, your audience gets to see your business in action and meet the people who work hard to run it. You can also do a sneak peek for a new product or project you will be launching soon.

On the other hand, immediately sharing updates of an ongoing event, such as a conference or on-location tour, gives non-attendees an experience that’s the next best thing to physically being there.

Final thoughts

Facebook has been refining its News Feed to show better videos to its users. This works to your advantage if you continually produce relevant and valuable videos that your audience likes. So if you aren’t already doing the strategies mentioned above, then it’s time you adapt your video marketing practices to increase reach and ultimately grow your fan base.