Do you want to be that person whom people look up to on social media and rely on giving them valuable advice?

If you do, then you surely want to be a social media influencer.

Sharing informative posts on social media is one great way of offering your expertise and honing your influence over your friends and followers.

Here are 5 tips that can supercharge your influence on social media:

  1. Focus on a Topic

Great influencers know that they can influence better if they find and master a particular topic within a niche. If you’re covering much ground, people will think you don’t have the level of knowledge needed to be called an expert.

Aside from focusing on a topic, you may also want to focus on a specific social media platform, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

A lot of people found their success on social media sharing what they know about a niche. For example, Sue Zimmerman found her success on Instagram, wherein she shares her expert knowledge about Instagram for business.

Once you find your focus or passion, start learning the ins and outs of your specialty and gather your ideas for creating cool topics around it. 

  1. Always Be Updated

Social media’s environment is constantly changing. The tried and tested social media marketing tactics of yesterday may no longer work today. You need to be on top of the latest updates, such as changes in algorithm or features of your chosen platform.

One good way to become updated is to subscribe and read platform blogs. There is an array of platform blogs out there that release daily news and tips about a particular platform.

  1. Read Relevant Blogs Everyday 

Like platform blogs, you should also be reading other blogs that are relevant to your industry. It’s important to keep tabs of what’s happening around you. Read news, expert opinions, and case studies from the people you trust on the web.

  1. Publish on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has been the home of influencers who share their expert knowledge for free. People usually regard those individuals who publish blog posts on LinkedIn as influencers. When people in your network discover your articles on LinkedIn, there’s a huge change that they will see you as an authority like the authoritative figures using the platform as their blogging space.

Start by creating long-form posts on LinkedIn’s publishing platform. If you already have a blog, you can copy your existing articles and paste them to the platform. Your published posts will appear once people open your professional profile.

  1. Share Valuable Content 

Once you’re all set to dominate on social media, it’s time to share high-quality content that truly establishes your expertise with your audience.

Influencers are usually the people who can share something of value with their followers. They are primarily the resource for anything related to industries they concentrate on. Always share content that your audience will find useful.

Start raising your profile online and become an authority in your chosen field of expertise. Being an influencer on social media can open a lot of opportunities for your career growth. You can even make a fortune out of it.