We can only do so much in a day, and as social media marketers, most of our days are spent on recurring social media activities. Even the smallest of tasks takes up a whole lot of time.

However, there’s always a way to make things easier. There’s a plethora of social media tools out there and knowing which tools are perfect for your marketing campaign can mean all the difference.

Here are the top three time-consuming tasks and the social media tools that can help you save time and boost your social media marketing campaigns.

  1. Streamlining Daily Tasks

Tasks come in varying sizes. It’s advantageous to organise different tasks so you can work on them more efficiently.

Social tools like HootSuite, Sprout Social, and SocialFlow are the tools that you need. They are the go-to arsenals to streamline more basic items on your daily list, so you can have more time to spend on other activities like growing your to-do list.

A freemium tool, HootSuite is perfect if you only have a decent social media marketing campaign budget and only want to manage your personal social presence. There’s one dashboard where you can schedule your posts, follow hashtags, and track social mentions about you and your competitors.

Sprout Social is better for companies with a bigger budget. It has a collaborative feature that allows your team to manage your social accounts. It has the same features as HootSuite, but its monitoring and analytics is way better than HootSuite’s.

SocialFlow provides the same features as the previously mentioned tools. However, you can also manage paid content as well as the free content you publish.


  1. Identifying Industry Influencers

If people already like your brand, chances are they will easily follow you organically. However, there are still customers that need a little more convincing to follow you.

Simply put, some of your target audience doesn’t want to know how great you are directly from you; instead, they want to hear it from the people they like or from online influencers. This means that you have to find and interact with influencers for them to pass on how good your brand is to their followers.

The secret is to find the right influencer for your campaign, so your marketing schemes would work out naturally.  Tools like BuzzSumo, Little Bird, GroupHigh and Traackr can help you in finding relevant industry influencers you can work with.

As of the moment, BuzzSumo is free because it’s in beta. The tool allows you to match specific keywords to Twitter and blog data to identify influencers that are right for your campaign. It’s perfect for those who are operating on a shoestring budget or are still new in identifying influencers.

Little Bird allows you to look at Twitter data in a contextual manner instead of numerical. Its algorithms show you an influencers other social profiles.

GroupHigh focuses on influential bloggers rather than influential Twitter users. If you are into blogging and want to reach other bloggers, you may want to prepare a budget to afford this mid-high end priced product.

Traackr is not cheap, but several businesses are using this tool as it delivers the results that they want. It’s easy to identify influencers in any niche on any social platform with Traackr. It lets you manage an entire campaign with your chosen influencers. Like other high-end social media tools, Traackr also comes with a complete tracking and analysis feature so measuring campaign metrics is possible.


  1. Monitoring Company Mentions

Setting up social media accounts means that you are ready to engage in conversation with your target audience. Listening and interacting with your customers is an essential part of any social media marketing campaign. Knowing what others are saying about you and your competitors can help you identify who your loyal advocates are. Once you’ll determine these people, you can start growing your network and changing your tactics if need be.

It’s inevitable to have a customer complaining about your products or services on social media these days. If they’re tweeting their unsatisfactory experience, you would want to be the first to know about that, so you can talk with him or her and pacify things the soonest. Or, if someone isn’t happy with the services of your competitor, you can immediately step in and offer your services to that person.

Know that monitoring mentions on social media isn’t an easy task; therefore, it needs to be fully taken care of. If your business or industry is big, you can ease the burden by using tools that can help you streamline this task. Mention, Talkwalker, and Trackur are all tools that fill the bill.

Mention is free if you’re only monitoring mentions of your own brand. But if you want to also monitor the mentions of your competitors, you will be prompted to pay a viable price. The tool will pick up both social mentions and blog mentions, which is very convenient.

Talkwalker is like an alternative to Google Alerts. You can enter the specific words you want to monitor, and then Talkwalker emails you when someone posts something on the web using the words you have specified.

Trackur is priced reasonably. It’s a great tool to measure brand mentions across all platforms. Exporting data is also possible with the tool.

Sometimes, managing social media activities could be a full-time job by itself. Be smart with your social media marketing by using a handful of tools to save both of your time and money. There are a lot of tools out there that fit every budget and each helps at boosting your marketing efforts.