The food industry is one competitive space, especially for online businesses. So, when you see one food service provider standing in a crowded market, it’s hard not to wonder what their digital marketing formula could be.

Well, in this article, we’ll examine the case of Menulog, Australia’s most popular online takeaway site, and learn how it’s rocking the food space. But before we do that, let us first get to know the site that has taken the industry by storm.

What is Menulog?

Menulog is an online food delivery and takeaway system that lets people order food from restaurants nearby – with a few clicks on their PC or mobile device. Since it lists more than 4,200 restaurants across the country, people no longer have to search individual restaurants to obtain contact details or to discover new dishes to try.

The ordering system itself is almost flawless. It’s easy, convenient and, best of all, free to use! You simply enter your location or post code to get a list of restaurants near you, along with specific details like the type of cuisine, speed of service, minimum order price, promotions and customer ratings. Yes, promotions abound on this site, and it’s one of the big contributing factors to its allure. Because, really, who can resist free food items and discounts?

Everything about Menulog is user centric, which explains its wide user base. But, that’s not all there is to it.

Menulog’s Marketing Mix

If truth be told, being the best service provider doesn’t automatically translate to high SERP rankings. So, how does Menulog manage to do it? The site applies these three digital marketing principles:

  1. Creating compelling content

Producing quality content is one thing; creating a piece that people will actually take interest in is a difficult trick to pull off. Menulog nailed it, though.

From takeaway hacks to must-try dishes and top restaurants to visit, its blog is teeming with valuable information anyone looking for a good dining experience will appreciate. The approach with to content creation is fresh – offering info from an unexpected angle and with unique, catchy headlines. Also, Menulog supports their ideas with references as well as other people’s thoughts, giving its content credibility and reputation.

Throwing in some mouth-watering images into the text makes the content more engaging and impactful. When you’re talking about food, it’s hard to entice readers just by words alone. But when you incorporate visuals, you pique the reader’s brain to imagine the gustatory experience you’re describing. This strategy sells.

Now, looking at its social media content, its Facebook page and Twitter profile promote some of its blog posts and attract a lot of attention through interactive polls, fun quizzes and by offering coveted prizes.

Menulog social media promotion

Menulog’s social media promotion

It’s social content is consistent and interactive, giving fans the chance to give their own insight, share pictures or participate in an activity. Getting people to talk about and engage with your brand, while promoting your products at the same time, is the primary purpose of social. And, Menulog clearly nailed it.

  1. Leveraging EDM campaigns

Email direct marketing (EDM) campaigns, when done right, can be an effective way to increase conversions and sales.

In the case of Menulog, it offers users the option to subscribe to their newsletter to get exclusive specials, updates on new restaurants and exclusive guide to the top-rated restaurants near the customer. What they offer is relevant and timely information, which is more likely to boost conversion and sales.

Now, when using EDMs, planning is crucial. To make it successful, it’s important to take not of three things. First, apply the idea of “less is more”. Give straightforward, useful information, and avoid the lengthy salestalk. Second, know your best performing hours and days, e.g. seasonal promotions. And lastly, track everything so you can measure your progress.

  1. Building a community

Marketing isn’t just about selling. More importantly, it’s about building relationships with customers and business partners to create a loyal community.

Menulog does this by hosting an annual competition, called Tasty Takeaway Awards, wherein it rewards loyal customers and recognizes excellent restaurant operators in all states and regions. Moreover, Menulog shows it cares about its busines partners by constantly giving them advice and help.

Menulog basically employs a combination of online and offline promotions to reach more people and get more partners on board. It’s important to note, though, that Menulog didn’t make this happen overnight. Building a highly engaged community takes a lot of time and effort.

Final words

Ordering takeaways is deeply ingrained in the Aussie way of life. True, this plays a significant part in Menulog’s online success. But, it’s also largely because of the company’s consistent and targeted online marketing strategy that makes it the top choice for online takeaway.