How do most employees learn about their jobs? Or the company they’re working for? Yes, we know how. And it does happen occasionally in a group setting, when training is mostly done for a day or two and the cost isn’t something to joke about. Then, a week or a month passes, and the lessons are but a distant memory.

With Wranks app, employees are given the opportunity to learn the b2b aspect constantly. The app is made to answer the need to educate employees into taking the emergence of mobiles, as the chance to learn in an unconventional way.

Wranks Injects Spaced Repetition to Produce Experts

Wranks is a mobile app that uses the learning technique called spaced repetition into companies to help them train their employees in a very smart and effective way. The app works by giving employees a few questions a day that can be answerable in just a minute. The given questions are short and sharp, and those which relate to the company’s existing e-learning projects.

The app then reorders the questions to address the knowledge gaps and areas of difficulty. Wranks then opens again some specific questions at some point in time to see whether the lesson is still planted into the employee’s mind.  These short regular challenges help employees learn through a repetitive process, so those lessons stored in the short term memory can be moved to the long term memory.

Wranks Uses a Scientifically-Proven Method

The Wranks app combines spaced repetition and powerful game mechanics to help employees learn in an engaging method.  Spaced repetition, per se, is a scientifically-proven and effective learning technique which entails the fact that people learn more easily when given the same items to learn or study repeatedly for a considerable amount of time.

The app intelligently reorders the questions and adapts to the duration between questions. It gives 10 questions a day through Wranks Drills. Then you’ll be asked to rate how well you know the answer, which is then gauged by Wranks in order to know when it will give you the same question in the future.

Wranks Helps Staff Learn via Mobile

Mobiles are taking over this tech-savvy era, and it is timely for employees to learn using the said technology. As it’s hosted in the cloud, Wranks is accessible anytime and anywhere on any mobile devices such as the desktop, tablet, and smartphone. This enables constant learning without having to arrange a training session for the staff.