The younger generation thinks saving and investing for the future are only for those who sport the executive look. Sure, investing in the stock market requires a bit larger sum to start off. And the idea of lending our hard-earned money to others to run their businesses tends to be a risky venture. After all, there are a lot of things to spend our money into, which also satisfy our purpose of earning for a living.

But a Canada-based startup called WealthBar thinks otherwise. It has created a space where investing is easily accessible for everyone and saving money is a wonderful option to delve into.

WealthBar Reinvents the Financial Experience

WealthBar is a web app that offers financial advice, financial planning tools, and investment management for those who are planning to invest in the stock market. Services are done online so it’s more efficient and convenient for you to connect with your adviser. With the financial tools provided by WealthBar, you can directly access into your accounts online and ask questions if need be.

The web app employs the use of robo-advisers, though the term really describes online financial entities which offer low-cost ETF portfolios. WealthBar operates in the same landscape, yet it also offers financial advice, tax planning, insurance, and other services. This makes the company an ideal institution to help beginner investors with money matters.

Investing through WealthBar

So how does WealthBar invest your money? The online finance app takes a smart approach when investing. WealthBar invests your money in an efficient portfolio consisting of carefully-selected and low-cost ETFs. The portfolios offered are diversified, rebalanced, and managed automatically.

The ETFs are diversified on purpose to lessen volatility and maintain continuous growth over time. Your risk tolerance will also be examined to match it to your portfolio so you’ll be more comfortable with your investment as the market conditions change.

WealthBar Fees

You can start investing at WealthBar without a minimum amount requirement, but the company will only allocate your money to an ETF portfolio when the amount reaches to at least $5,000. In the event that it’s lesser than that, the company will hold the funds in a simple money market ETF without cost. WealthBar will then automatically put the money to a portfolio once the amount reaches to $5,000.

WealthBar only charges a service fee of 0.35%-0.6% on the assets managed and other services provided by the company.