Tim Draper’s 30,000 Bitcoins, which he acquired from a $19 million auction in June, were directly put into a Bitcoin exchange provider Vaurum. The said company is backed up by the business mogul, and with the cryptocurrencies that the company now keeps, it has rebranded itself as Mirror.

Mirror Wants to Provide More Liquidity to Bitcoin Markets

Mirror, the rehashed version of the exchange platform for bitcoin investors Vaurum, wants to build the future of bitcoins through setting up the traditional financial system to provide more liquidity to bitcoin markets. Other great services that Mirror is offering include escrow-based trading, liquidity, and other services that will enable the company to make cryptocurrency a more advanced asset class.

The company uses blockchain technology to make the financial ecosystem more transparent. Bitcoin traders, businesses and other third-party investors have already trusted the services of Vaurum, and with its rebranding and improved services, it’s making itself more visible at the forefront of the modern financial space.

Things That You Can Do with Mirror

With Mirror, you can secure and store your bitcoins in the Mirror Vault. It’s the safest storage for these virtual currencies as 99% of your bitcoinds are stored offline in cold storage. Your accounts are also constantly audited so you can make sure that your bitcoins are in the safe hands of Mirror.

Th company is also in collaboration with U.S. based escrow accounts so all your trades are settled by a licensed escrow attorneys. You can also minimize counterparty risk because your transactions are safe and secured before working your trades up.

Mirror also offers an over-the-counter trading for buying or selling large bulk of bitcoins. Algorithmic trades can be achieved through Mirror’s REST API.

Making Silk Road Bitcoins Work

After the U.S. Marshals Service seized the infamous Silk Road bitcoins, they were subjected into an auction that had bitcoin startups and investors go crazy for the coveted bid. It was then known that Tim Draper won the 30, 000 bitcoins for $19 million and automatically put it to Vaurum.

Now, the company which was rebranded to Mirror is using those coins to help investors expand the bitcoin ecosystem and wants customers to have a wide exposure to bitcoin.

Mirror is still in beta.