Timely, a web and iOS app for tracking time is around for a while and has users amazed of what it can do. It’s not just your regular time-tracking app if you’d ask why it’s such a ridiculously good app. It can do you good if you’re a small business owner minding the time your employees do their jobs, micromanaging even the smallest details of time spent on a project.

The new version of Timely app was built from the ground up, overcoming a major overhaul just to come up with the grandest solution for you to avoid filling out timesheets and other paperworks.

Timely App-All New and Much Improved

The updated version of Timely App for iPhone comes with a stunning design that offers a clutter-free and comprehensive real-time syncing engine. It’s optimised for iOS 8 with new features to boot. The app now makes scheduling and time-tracking pretty easy.

Timely iOS app now comes with a new Handoff widget that allows users to open the app on their iPhone or web with a touch or click. On the other hand, you can start and pause timers from anywhere on your phone with the all new Today Widget.

Timely App New Features

Stunning Design

Scheduling and time-tracking is now made simple and more beautiful with its clutter-free interface. It’s has colorful fields that’s designed to take the bore out of the scheduling process and makes scanning for tasks more readable.

-Cool Animations

The app showcases advanced funky animations when opening one page to another, as well as other animation stuff when adding new entries or starting a timer.

-Complete Real-Time Syncing

The real-time syncing engine is up and running after a major renovation to its backend support. When you start a timer on your iPhone, you can also stop the timer from the desktop web. Everything you put into the desktop web or into the iPhone will immediately show up to both platforms in real-time.

-Calendar Integration

You can now integrate your iOS 8 calendar into the app with a tap from the account tab.

Timely has a Growing User Base

Almost a year has passed by since the first version of Timely came out, yet the company has already racked at least 19,000 businesses and 35,000 individuals who use the app. Timely is free for only one app user. For multiple users, there are three available paid packages to choose from.

Timely is available on the App Store for free downloading.