Companies want to do better in terms of providing great customer support to confused or unknowing clients. But their efforts are always disrupted by the broken system, making their customers unhappy and dissatisfied. What these companies are lacking is the personalisation aspect of providing the needed support.

With Humanify, you won’t be transferring your caller from one agent to another in a series of never ending on-holds. Humanify gets you directly to the person fit to answer your enquiry.

Humanify Helps Brands Personalise Client Support

Humanify is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform released by TeleTech to help brands tailor their customer support efforts to customer’s needs. People in the mobile world are now highly-connected so the company has designed this platform to bring inline service and support from the right resources to address customer needs best.

You can access Humanify anytime and anywhere. Setting up Humanify can be done in easy steps. Start by connecting your system either through mobile or web interface. Humanify’s intuitive system is programmed to automatically match your customer profile with the right expert, then Humanify’s EXPERTconnect will route you to that expert, and then you get a solution to the problem without friction.

Reasons to Use Humanify

If you’re among the greater percentage of callers who gets frustrated at the slow response and unreliable customer support of companies, who doesn’t want to be transferred from a so-called expert to another, who’s likely to use multiple communication channels just to get the right answers, then Humanify is for you.

The platform is utterly simple to use as it’s a unified cloud-based communications that’s less repetitive. Because it’s personalised to your every need, you can easily get answers from the right sources on any device such as device, mobile, or the web.

This also minimises the useless, initial interaction you’d usually encounter in a traditional customer support process; thus, it’s more productive.

Humanify Expert Tools

Humanify provides expert tools to businesses to help them connect effectively to their customers. It also has some pathways for connection which include EXPERTconnect Expert Desktop, EXPERTconnect Mobile Workforce App, EXPERTconnect Answer Engine, and EXPERTconnect Social Monitoring.

Customers can choose how to interact with the experts in Humanify: call, chat, social post, and connect to a virtual agent.