You may not know it, but you’re not actually safe while you’re online. All other security measures you may know just to protect your identity or data are mostly false assurances. You need to employ the use of a VPN to stay safe while surfing the internet, especially on mobile. Your privacy is important and it’s a bit daunting to keep your data safe from prying eyes these days.

VPN Defender Safeguards your Online Experience

VPN Defender is the mobile app you’ll only need to secure your connections without borderline restrictions. You’ll feel the freedom of accessing your favorite sites from anywhere without worrying too much.

Anonymous connections through WiFi, LTE, 3G, and personal hotspots are secured with VPN Defender. When using the public WiFi, it also safeguards every data you transmit from personal information to passwords. Also, all the incoming and outgoing data of your mobile device is encrypted it won’t be hacked.

How Does VPN Defender Work

When using the VPN Defender iOS app, all your mobile data are directed through the app’s highly-secured servers and encrypt them while connecting you to any website or app of your choice. VPN Defender helps keep your bank accounts, credit card number, and passwords safe and secure.

For you to have full freedom on browsing the internet, the app hides your personal IP address and won’t reveal your location to anyone without your due permission. It’s automatic so you don’t have to manually turn on the VPN every time you want to access the internet privately.

You’re anonymous when browsing the internet and can even hide your online activities and location to maintain your privacy. You can also gain access to blocked sites and apps wherever you are in the world.

Getting VPN Defender

As it’s dubbed as the simplest app to defend your data’s security while being online, it’s also simple to get VPN Defender running on your mobile device. The iOS app is absolutely free and runs fast without the influence on the speed of your internet connection.

VPN Defender is available for download on Apple App Store and requires no registration upon setting up.