We always wonder about the secrets that these top tech and software companies are using. Why are they so successful in the industry that’s swarmed with a lot of emerging startups which are trying to outpace the others with much improved services to offer? Certainly, as fellow visionaries, we also want to be like them, and that includes knowing which tools these best software companies are using.

Aside from extensive business and marketing strategies employed by large tech companies, their success also runs down on the tools they’re using and how they’re using them. Stackshare gives you the insight you need.

Stackshare Shares Big Tech Company Secrets

Stackshare, previously known as Leanstack when it started in 2013, is a website that offers valuable information and resources that would help developers build good apps. The company has a growing number of community composed of developers, engineers, CTOs, and Founders who want to learn about the tools and services used by great software companies.

Stackshare wants to become the only best resource for people who are looking for the right software to get their job done efficiently. The company reveals the stacks used by successful companies like Twitter, Soundcloud, Pinterest, and much more.

Discuss with the Stackshare Community

The increasing members of Stackshare community only prove that the website has effectively carried out their initiatives. In Stackshare, users can discover and discuss over 1,300 best developer tools and infrastructure services, and help other to get through the creation and completion of their individual projects.

Users can also share the stack they’re implementing and learn from other developers as well. They can freely tell others about some specific apps and tools they’re using and how they’re doing it.

Stackshare Continuously Adds More Dev Tools

Stackshare offers additional developer tools consistently and is highly featuring new startups in the industry. The tools and services offered by the company mainly include Application & Data, DevOps, Utilities, and Business Tools. Users can also see the top trending stacks viewed and discussed by the community for their reference.