With all the loads of content existing in social media sites, it’s easy to make a big profit out of them. The good ones generate the big buzz and where people mostly go, the money follows. It’s not rocket science to know that. But the problem is, not many have discovered the ways to meet this kind of opportunity with open arms.

Australian startup Stackla, though not well-known in their home country, has been cashing in through the various social contents generated in social media. They know the social media is where people hang out and where internet marketers are actively on the lookout for great content to share.

Stackla Tells Customer’s Story through Brands

Stackla is a social content marketing platform that helps brands discover and curate the best content from customers for their social media presence. The startup has long been working with big and prominent companies across the globe, helping them to reach out to their loyal customers.

The company basically aggregates the best user generated content that relate to the brands subscribed to their services. The crowdsourced content can come in a form of word-of-mouth endorsements or positive feedback from real customers.

How Does Stackla Work

It only takes approximately 30 minutes to set-up Stackla. Simply connect the custom content feeds from different social media channels and real time posts will be automatically generated for you to use.

The product allows users to customise the feel and look of the content through its skinning tools to ensure consistency of display.Brand using Stackla can also take full control over which content should come in and what gets blocked e.g. offensive posts.

Stackla, the Leader in Social Media Aggregation

Stackla has planted its foundation solid into ground by working with well-known brands and a long list of over 300 clients in many industries such as in sports, entertainment, retail, finance, and government. Corporate giants like Lego, Citibank, Toyota, Canon, Shell, and Adidas have trusted Stackla’s technology in leveraging the power of user-generated social content for driving revenue.

Stackla also has plans for international expansion in Asia, Europe, and the U.S. by developing its offices in London, San Francisco, and Sidney.