A tip is a type of appreciation given to workers for a service well done and we’re all aware of that. This makes us feel obliged to tip that pizza delivery boy, or the parking valet for the satisfaction he bequeath to us. But when we don’t have that spare cash to give, most of us leave feeling guilty. Though a tip is not compulsory, giving one for an excellent service is a very good thing for the hardworking laborer.

Las Vegas startup Tip.ly lets you tip people without procuring cash after the service. It’s a mobile application built as a unique payment system when you don’t have the extra cash to tip.

Tip.ly Uses Face Recognition to Send Tips

Tip.ly is a new mobile payment app that lets users send tips to service workers only by taking a picture of their faces with a mobile phone. In this way, you’ll never have to leave the establishment feeling sorry for not tipping someone when you don’t have cash.

This payment method is somewhat unorthodox, yet it’s a safe way to tip someone through peer-to-peer money transfers. Tip recipients must sign up into the service within fourteen days and submit a photo of themselves into the app along with the bank details for them to collect the payments.

Tip.ly is Uniquely Designed

The app uses two different payment options for faster tip transaction- “Quick Tips” and “Face Tips”. Through the Quick Tips palette, users are allowed to find, select, and tip existing registered Tip.ly service workers that are near their location, or have registered at that location or have already received tips from Tip.ly at that location.

Face Tips on the other hand, which uses the face recognition technology, lets users pay a service worker who is not yet registered with the app.

Why Use Tip.ly

Tip.ly uses face recognition and location-based technologies to send out cash to service workers without exchanging any personal information such as email addresses, phone numbers, or even credit card details. This ensures speedy and safe cash transaction along with the convenience of paying via mobile without carrying cash.

Service providers can also benefit a lot from Tip.ly, as the app helps them manage and secure their tips. The app also provides positive rating and reviews of service which are accumulated over time. This allows them to create a positive personal brand which they can market to their prospective clients.