Imagine talking with foreign people without having to learn their native language or hire a middleman to translate your words. Microsoft has promised to bring us just that on the second quarter of 2014 with Skype Translator.

As promised, the feature is now live on demo or preview for Windows 8.1 devices. This is going to be a big update for Skype and for the communication industry. The feature, as its name suggests, translates your spoken speech in real-time in video or voice chats. You just have to talk the way you know it and let Skype Translator do the dirty work.

Language Translation Made Easy

Skype Translator is a new feature in Skype which enables you to speak another specific language on the other end of the line with just your native language. What they’ll say in reply will also be translated back to you in your own tongue. On the screen, you’ll be presented a transcript of your call so you can better understand the person you’re speaking with.

The feature can sort out IM translation in 45 languages. So far, the service is offering 12 languages in Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Cantonese), English, German, Korean, French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Japanese.

Still Needs Improvements but Pretty Good

When using the demo version, it’s understandable if the translation software doesn’t perform perfectly since it’s still improving the way it translates calls.

Skype Translator is beta-tested on Windows and they’re working now to bring it to Mac. Its developers are still improving the feature, and that includes training its engine to understand conversations to make it function seamlessly when publicly released.

Skype Translator is Currently Invitation Only

To be the first one to try the demo before its official arrival, you can register on Skype’s Translator Preview page. You’re prompted to answer a few questions first and Skype will contact those they deem eligible to download and use the preview with their existing contacts. Those who wish to try the demo should grab the chance quickly because there’s a limited number of preview slots available.