A New York-based startup once dreamed of pushing the concept of true learning to reconnect with our idea of education. Michael Karnjanaprakorn has this vision of guiding people to learn by doing rather than taking in pure theories. While education equips people with various lessons, learning is but the time to execute them.

Then, the idea of building Skillshare came into Michael’s mind. The idea seemed a thing of the past- connecting students of a particular skill with the actual doers, the makers. It’s the idea of putting same-minded people into one place, in a studio or in a virtual space where sharing the same passion results to tangible results. And it worked!

Skillshare Changes the Face of Education

Skillshare, an online learning community launched in New York City in 2011, aims to impart lessons to creators who want to learn from the industry experts. The courses immerse the students in project-based classes wherein learning and mastering real-world skills result to tangible products.

Different courses offered in Skillshare are grouped under these categories: creative arts, technology, entrepreneurship, photography, culinary, and a lot more. There’s this good part wherein you can actually learn with the industries’ prominent leaders who want to share their experiences to others. James Franco, the famous actor and polymath of Hollywood, even offers a series of screenwriting course in Skillshare. Seth Godin, world-class marketing guru, also lends his entrepreneurial knack to aspiring businessmen.

Skillshare’s Big Move to Online Courses

Skillshare started in 2011 in New York City as a firm which offers offline courses. The company invited teachers to teach in an active environment with less than a dozen students for each course. The goal is to make students learn in a simulating and interactive way.

Fast forward to 2012 and Skillshare made a big leap from offline learning to online. Its website launched 15 online courses at first and has grown to over a hundred since then. The boom of online courses throughout the year has grown the enrollment rate at Skillshare, accepting more than 75,000 students with the 99% enrolled in the online courses.

Skillshare Offers Courses at Your Convenience

With Skillshare dropping off their old school style of teaching and embracing the online way, you can make any place a classroom. Sharing your skills and expertise to hundreds or even thousands of students globally is now possible. Everyone can be a teacher, you just have to ask the right questions to tap your students’ passions.