As the internet grows bigger and bigger with loads of data being brought into its space, most people want to play with these data to make it more appealing and readable. And what better way to do this than by making data visualisations out of the information that they have. These visual cues make data digestible and pleasing in the eyes. They don’t have to squint and think how one input is different from the other.

With Silk, visualising data in the cloud makes for a more beautiful and interactive outputs. You can create data visualisation from any source, whether they’re from news articles or websites, Silk will create amazing interactive visuals from them.

Powerful Data Visualisation with

Silk is a data publishing platform where you can easily create data visualisations on any topic. You can also use Silk to browse to discover data or create interactive charts, maps, and web pages from the data given. What you put to Silk is also what you get from the end product.

You can easily use this powerful tool to make your data alive. Just add your data manually or upload a spreadsheet (Silk supports spreadsheet from multiple platforms) to begin. You can easily browse your data in the site and create interactive and beautiful data representations through Silk’s visualisation tools. Collaborate or share your Silk to anyone if don’t want to work alone with your data.

Reasons to Love Silk

One of Silk’s best attribute is its capability to produce interactive charts, maps, and web pages to make your data more interesting. You can always embed your data anywhere you like, be it on your website, Tumblr, Facebook, and other publishing platforms.

You can also use Silk as a portfolio tool to feature your artworks and design. Images or video galleries is organised on a thumbnail grid to make browsing easier. You can also sort and categorise your works by adding tags, while adding location data helps you build maps. Notable Features

-Drag-and-drop tools

Uploaded data can easily be turned into pages by using Silk’s drag and drop tools.

-Work together

You can work together with anyone in creating interactive pages simply by inviting that person to collaborate in Silk.

-Keep info private

You can decide who can get access or see your content in Silk.

-Fast data importer

Use it to convert your spreadsheets into Silk pages. Your information will be tagged and viewable in minutes.

-Automagical map creation

Silk automatically convert addresses into an online map that your users can navigate with ease.

-Silk is for anyone and everyone

Artists, musicians, non-profits, museums, teachers, companies, sports fans, entertainment bloggers, statistical experts, and venture capitalists all use Silk.

A full-featured API is available for those developers wanting to build their own applications on top of Silk.