It seemed that Reddit hasn’t stopped yet at making some changes in their platform this year. With its plan on also jumping the cryptocurrency boat like Bitcoin, it’s now opening a place for its Redditors to make their creative ideas flourish and get funded. Redditmade, which is a crowfunding service by Redditors for Redditors, gives us the experience that other crowdfunding sites have been offering, but with a twist.

Redditmade Helps Create Merchandise for the Community

Redditmade, although a similar crowdfunding site like its predecessors Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, aims to empower the community within Reddit to collaborate and support each other in making ideas come to life. There are great ideas and products being shared on Reddit’s sharing platform, but these ideas need funds to actually exist for consumers; hence, the creation of Redditmade.

Now, although it shares the same goal with other crowfunding platforms, Redditmade hasn’t yet grown into an incubator for big and innovative products. Its recent launch also meant that the merchandise made and promoted in the platform still only includes petty items like t-shirts, sticker packs, coffee mugs, and others along the lines.

How Redditmade Campaigns Work

Starting up a campaign is easy. When you’ve got a great idea in mind, reach out to your subreddit community and ask the people in it to collaborate with you. You can upload anything you want, sell in as many as you like, and set the target funding you need to jump start your production.

Here’s the twist. Unlike Kickstarter and IndieGoGo campaigns, once the funds have exceeded your goals, the exceeding funds will then be donated to other Redditor campaigns or charities beyond Reddit. Each campaign only lasts up to 30 days and if target is not met, then the project won’t be funded and supporters won’t be charged. But if it does, the merchandise will be delivered to supporters after production.

In Partnership with Reddit Platform

Since Redditmade is a sub-product of Reddit, it’s given that campaigns made in the funding site will be featured or be given complimentary ads by Reddit. Official Redditmade campaigns will be featured in related subreddits to entice the community in supporting the merchandises or the campaigns’ cause.

There’s a slight catch to this though. Campaign supporters really don’t have the option to donate the amount they wish to contribute. Instead, they’re going to contribute the amount depending on the price of each item. The move somehow makes Redditmade an online store for in demand products contrary to what it wants people to believe.

Nevertheless, if you’re a campaign supporter you get what you’re charged for if it turns out to be a success.