A receipt is a vital aspect of selling and buying. There are just so many uses of it that stores take the initiative to make one as part of their point of sale process. Yet, we all know how boring receipts look like with only markdown lists of items purchased along with a bunch of figures. A receipt, as what we usually see, is that white piece of paper with small, black, boring characters to document a transaction.

A new startup called Receiptful hopes to change our perspective on receipts. Instead of having a receipt as a straightforward evidence of a transaction, it aims to also make it as an arsenal for marketing products and services online.

Never Give Boring Receipts Again

Receiptful is a web app that helps businesses create stunning email receipts with subtle marketing campaigns to create Customer Lifetime Value. This encourages customers to build good relationships with you and to further spend more money into your business.

The app aims to make your email receipts as an opportunity for upselling your products to the right audience at the right time. You can take ownership of your receipts when you customise them in the best way to represent your brand and company. This includes adding logos, changing colors, and entering the words you want to put on the email receipt.


Using Receiptful as a Marketing Tool

Receiptful works with the online payment system, Stripe for efficiently managing your receipts and customers.

Following only 3 easy steps to sign up, you can deploy your email receipts in no time without having to put a single line of code. Receiptful uses advanced analytics to help you learn how to optimise your receipts and identify the points which make your business profitable.

The app monitors the number of email receipts you send, the number of receipt opened, and track when the receipts takes action. This enables you to perfectly-time your upsells on each receipt such as coupon codes, limited promotions, and other enticing offers to your customers.

Receiptful Shows Intelligible Data

Receiptful provides email receipts that are designed to pull in the customer’s attention toward the important details; thus, this makes the visual easy to understand. Your receipts at Receiptful are guaranteed to stand out among other email in your customer’s inbox. They’re fully responsive, beautiful, and run on multiple platforms or devices.