We see a whiteboard as a dull white surface we use for discussing things. Yet, it has become the avenue for creative people to express their ideas and for educators to share their knowledge. As simple as it may seem, a whiteboard has shaped people to become thinkers. There’s just the need to fill that whole white space with what our minds can reason. Realtime Board seeks to change the way how we approach it.

Taking Whiteboards to the Online Experience

Realtime Board is an online version of a whiteboard which you can share all your ideas into one place. This enables you to organize your workflow, brainstorm, and manage tasks in an engaging way. Dubbed as an endless online whiteboard, there’s a lot opportunities to use the web app, especially when collaborating on projects or discussing ideas.

Unlike the real whiteboard, the boards created can be saved and shared in real time from any part of the globe. There are a wide range of tools and elements that you can put into the online board like textboxes, sticky notes, shapes, PDF files and other documents. You can also add media files easily on the digital whiteboard such as images, Vimeo & YouTube videos, and other files from Google Drive.

Collaboration in Real Time from Anywhere

You can discuss with your team from anywhere in the world using Realtime Board. This visual collaboration tool is designed to share ideas or prototypes to colleagues online. All the changes and updates can be seen real time, just like how we use traditional whiteboards.

Invite your colleagues to take part of the discussion from their desktops or mobile devices. As the board creator, you can choose whether you want your board to be public or private. The comment feature allows your team to begin a discussion about any specific part of the board. The board can also be emailed to those who are unable to attend the session.

Pricing & Plans

Advanced accounts get incredible features that they can take advantage with. Those who have subscribed to the Premium and Team accounts can enjoy unlimited number of whiteboards and uploaded files. The plans provide more storage space and great features such as voice and video chat, screen sharing, and even backups.