The traditional way of setting up websites hasn’t died down amidst the rise of simpler CMS platforms and other publishing tools. There are still a few people who rely on desktop software to create their websites for better control of content and design. Realmac, the software company known for bringing exclusive Apple products, has revealed RapidWeaver 6– the newest and fastest version of their web design software for Mac.

The Most Powerful and Expandable RapidWeaver Yet

RapidWeaver 6 brings additional amazing features that OS X Mavericks and Yosemite users can take advantage. The team behind this development has worked hard to create a version that’s more modern, powerful, and easier to use. In addition, it is a 64-bit app which means it’s capable of building bigger and more complex websites. With the latest version, it’s assured that the new publishing engine is 3x faster than its previous versions.

Users of RapidWeaver 5 can upgrade to the latest version on Realmac’s website for only $39.99 USD. Meanwhile, for those who would be using the software for the first time will pay double the upgrade price which is at $89.99 USD.

New Features of RapidWeaver 6

Here are some of the upgrades and additional features of the greatest RapidWeaver update:

  • Five Stunning New Responsive Themes created by some of the world’s top theme designers.
  • 3X Faster Publishing Speed
  • Runs on 64-bit processors for OS X Mavericks and Yosemite
  • Redesigned for Full Screen view
  • Over 1000 third-party add-ons with the new Add-ons Manager
  • Site-wide Coding (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • Markdown writing format
  • Autosave Feature to quickly go back to previous project versions

Only Available at Realmac Web Store

Like most app developers who have jumped out of the Mac App Store, RapidWeaver 6 is only available in Realmac’s web store for now. The company still wants to take full control over the major update including its pricing before offering the product to the Mac App Store.