Just when you think not one technology has ever made a small step in detecting earthquakes, a California-based company Early Warning Labs, LLC (EWL) is already on it through their Earthquake Early Warning alert system. They’ve been developing this kind of technology to address the problem of the Golden State regarding unstable faults on the coasts where earthquakes always do originate.

EWL has partnered with the United States Geological Survey to develop an early earthquake warning app that would be released for the months to follow. This is obviously to prevent further casualties and losses during an earthquake, mainly in California.

QuakeAlert Warns 30 Seconds before the Ground Shaking

QuakeAlert is the first fully functional Earthquake Early Warning alerting service that’s only available in the USA as of now. The mobile app aims to provide early notifications when there’s a possible earthquake to strike your location. The app will notify 30 seconds before the ground shakes so there’s still time for you to save yourself from any falling debris. Though 30 seconds maybe that short, but it’s enough to save lives.

The groundbreaking app will give you a visual notification about the earthquake’s epicenter and the locations that are going to affected, as well as countdown timer as to when the shaking starts based on location and intensity.

How Does QuakeAlert Notify ASAP

A robust cloud server will take care of disseminating the warnings to app users as soon as possible. The server environment is still in the works as well as the development of automated response standards that users will preemptively follow in case an earthquake hits.

Even though the app doesn’t require a hardware for the mass distribution of warnings, it will employ a physical detection and warning device to detect an upcoming tremor. EWL is still developing the technology that will do this including a network of seismic sensors that will detect the first energy to radiate from an earthquake, the P-wave energy, and the location and magnitude of the earthquake. The warning will then be issued before the S-wave arrives, the stage when the strong shaking occurs.

QuakeAlert, Safekeeping You Anywhere You Are

The QuakeAlert products aim to protect all the people who are going to be affected by an upcoming earthquake, be it at home, in the office or even at school. Both the QuakeAlert app and In-Home/Office device will play an emergency alert tone, notify how strong the shaking will be, and give a countdown to the actual shaking.