Almost everything we read has turned digital or electronic: e-books, e-magazines, e-catalogs, and whatnot. Even though the sound of actual papers as we leaf from one page to another has us nostalgic of the good old days, we’re more than enthusiastic of the convenience that online publishing has brought us.

Of course, because we’re now into online, we want beautiful and easy-to-read publications to feast our eyes on. Enter Publitas, the only software you need to make your magazines, brochures, and catalogues the eye candy online.

Making Publications Stunningly Readable

Publitas is an online publishing software for magazines, brochures, and catalogs. It turns retailers’ print publications into responsive ones on web and mobile devices by linking a page into the ecommerce site. Uploaded PDFs are also optimised for search engines and are shareable on social media platforms for increasing their online stores’ traffic.

Publications published with Publitas turn out to be stunning and easy-to-read catalogs. The web app is more content-driven and doesn’t want ads to distract readers. This strategy aims to help retailers gain engaged readers and higher page views into their online store.

Publitas is Platform-Agnostic

Publitas work on both desktop and mobile devices. It’s designed to run on PC, Mac, iOS and Android operating systems.

To make sure that users will have a good experience using the web app, it’s also touch optimised. This is to ensure that the digital publications feel like any other native app on iOS and Android devices. Publitas users can spread, pinch, zoom in or zoom out, swipe, and browse through pages and drag the page when zoomed in.

Reasons to Love Publitas

Aside from Publitas’ intuitive user interface, anyone can easily create a digital publication in as fast as three minutes. Publitas lets users drag and drop the PDF version of the publication into the app and it will then be published in its digital version in a short period of time. You can also import your web store’s product feed to further give a good description of a product in the publication. This includes images, videos, and product descriptions.

Users are also allowed to schedule when to publish their digital publication or when to take them down. The app currently supports 21 languages and a few currencies that can be easily incorporated on the published publication.