Awesome designers have somehow adopted the term ‘pixel perfect’ like it’s a second language to them. It’s the visual perfection of every pixel that makes a visual design a stunner. There’s the ongoing need for every designer to achieve that perfection. Although a bunch of varied design tutorials exist, they still contain some common mistakes that digital designers should avoid. Ustwo, an independent design studio aims to help designers make the right design moves.

The Best Design Manual for Digital Artists

Pixel Perfect Precision Handbook is a design manual for aspiring digital designers and artists. It covers Photoshop principles, disciplines, resources, tricks, shortcuts, tips, and more.  The recent handbook has over 40 pages of fresh content as well as updates from its previous versions. The latest version of the guide is Pixel Perfect Precision Handbook 3, which is bigger, better, and contains a total of 214 pages.

The handbook can be downloaded as a PDF file and it’s absolutely free. This contains more of images for better illustration of the lessons and is simple to follow. All the descriptions are straight to the point so users won’t get lost in the process.

Introducing the Pixel Perfect Precision 3

The PPP3 guide is packed with new and better content to give designers an extensive knowledge in digital design.  Among the additions in the book are its lessons about creating perfect pixels with Retina displays or resolution.

They have also added a Design and Development chapter which tackles on bridging the gap between designers and developers. It discusses how to get both different disciplines work together as one to come up with the desired input. This chapter has been added with design techniques to a convenient transition from the design aspect of pixels to coding.

PPP3 Also Comes in Different Language

The PPP 2 handbook also has a Japanese version available for download. Ustwo recognises that there are a lot of digital designers in Japan who want to eagerly know the intricate details of how to use Photoshop. This version even makes learning pixel perfect visual designs a lot easier to understand for Japanese designers out there.