Ask any journalist you know, most probably he will tell you it’s the least activity he will approach in his writing process. It’s grueling and a boring thing to do, at a time when you’re all too giddy to start writing your story. But unless you’ve laid out your audio file into text, you’re never going anywhere.

It may have been a practice of you to give the dirty work on a paid transcriber. But isn’t it more cost efficient if you handle the transcribing part on your own? You need a powerful web app to do yourself a favor in doing this. You simply need oTranscribe.

oTranscribe- The Free Web App for Your Transcription Woes

oTranscribe is a browser-based app for transcribing audio files. Although the app is not that sophisticated, it somehow offers you a comfortable space to transcribe. The app is integrated with a built-in audio player and plain text editor so you won’t have to switch tabs or apps in between transcribing.

You can add an MP3 or WAV file to oTranscribe. It also has a built-in file converter when you’ve got a different audio format. While using the browser app, everything you enter is automatically saved in the browser’s cache and so it will never be gone in your hard drive. Even if you work offline or have accidentally closed the browser, the file is still there as it is when opening it again.

oTranscribe Can be Used with Keyboard Only

If you don’t want to lift your hands off the keyboard to do some simple tasks in it, oTranscribe provides keyboard shortcuts for you to easily pause, rewind, and fast-forward the audio. The keyboard shortcuts also let you format your texts and insert timestamps. 

Additional Tip When Using oTranscribe

Since oTranscribe is browser-based and is opened on another tab, you can separate it from your other open tabs by launching it full screen on a new window. This should be done so you can free yourself from distractions while transcribing; therefore, increasing your productivity through concentrating on the present task.

oTranscribe is open source under the MIT license and will continue to be free of charge. Premium features will be available in the future.