Managing events is more than just planning and execution. It requires some tools that help you efficiently look after the progress of some less noticeable aspects of your project. Of course, you look forward for a seamless execution on the day of the big event, so you don’t want being bombarded with other the tasks such as managing the online registration and the ticketing system.

With Eventgrid, your event management woes are going to be solved easily. It comes with an integrated tool for managing all the elements of your event on any device, anytime and anywhere.

Eventgrid, an Innovative Approach to Handling Events

Eventgrid is a web app that sets easily sets up your online registrations and ticketing systems. It’s a platform based on the cloud so even managers or marketers can easily access the elements of their planned events on any device, anytime and anywhere. The cloud isn’t new but addressing the benefit of being able to manage grand events from your device is.

The web app takes care of the little things that matter when conducting conferences, seminars, concerts, seminars, and festivals. It provides a nice set of online and mobile resources for event management to allow users to track everything from initial announcements & marketing campaigns, to registration, ticketing and CRM, to follow-up messaging and analytics.

Eventgrid Mobile Features

There is a wide variety of actions and elements you can integrate into your online marketing campaign or ticketing system. Eventgrid is also highly-optimised for mobile with remarkable features to highlight.

The app primarily supports online registration and ticketing sales, events promotion to social media sites such as Facebook & Twitter, e-commerce stores, and payments through credit card or PayPal. It’s also fully hosted, web based and secure.

Aside from events, it also caters to the hospitality industry like travel booking and hotel reservations. There are other elements in the app that can be integrated into your events, especially in the marketing aspect of it.

Eventgrid Ensures Attendee Satisfaction

Eventgrid is now the most widely-used event management solution online, with its clients ranging from different industries and events; technology conferences, concert tours, tradeshows, sporting events, and more. It also handles shows for big brands, especially those belonging to the Fortune 100.