When we want to view our photos on the big screen, we’re left manually uploading them to our home PC or relying on our cloud storage subscription. One action is tedious and slow while the other is costly. Photos are the most common objects we put into the cloud, but imagine if we can also automatically upload videos and still store their high definition.

Odysee, a new application which provides a different backup solution for your photos and videos from your smartphone, has everyone excited about their unique service.

Odysee Shuns Away From the Cloud

Odysee, an iOS app, allows you to automatically save your photos and videos from your smartphone to your PC without relying on the cloud. It’s for the people who love taking a lot of photos and videos and want to restore their resolution and quality on large screens.

Odysee syncs your photos and videos and allows you to download the files to your own hard drive. The app also has an automatic sharing capability when allowed by the user. The app also acts as your personal social network where you can freely share your photos with others, whether they’re using the app or not.

How Does Odysee Work

When using Odysee, you’re presented with an Odysee Folder on your PC which will be the place where you can store the synced photos and videos.

The app basically transfers all your photos and videos from your mobile device to your Odysee folder. Everything you transfer, including its high resolution and format will be available in the PC Odysee folder. The folder has its own subfolders for each device, year, and month.

Your PC doesn’t have to be on every time you capture a photo or video. Odysee works even if your PC is off, just make sure to be online even once a week to synchronise your files with Odysee.

Odysee is Free

Yes, the newly launched app is free, but for the first year only. After the first year, should you wish to continue using the service, you’ll be charged $5 annually. The thing to grab the most about this product is their amazing promo- the 1st 10, 000 users will get Odysee free forever.