Admit it, you’re maybe one of the numerous people on the planet to have owned multiple social networking accounts just to connect with people these days. While you keep those hundreds, if not thousands of contacts in your pocket, only a few of them really share the same interest or profile as you. Who you are, what you do- these are the bases of the people whom you should be meeting instead. In short, you connect with people who are relevant to you at the moment.

One way of getting connected with these people is by using an app which analyses your existing contacts and sifts through them to give you the right list of people to meet. Enter nextSociety- the social networking app for professionals.

nextSociety Connects the Dots

nextSociety (xS) is an iOS app which connects you to the most relevant people in your established circles. Whether you’re interested into technology, music, or art, nextSociety will comb through your iPhone’s contacts and LinkedIn connections to deliver the most relevant people in your niche.

If you’re attending a technology convention or an entrepreneurship seminar, xS lets you choose which interests you at the moment. Or if you’re planning on an upcoming trip to a particular destination, you can also enter your location and the mobile app will prepare networking opportunities for you.

Available Features of xS

nextSociety is like an extension of LinkedIn with the professionals in mind. Upon signing into LinkedIn, you enter the topics that most interest you in the app. This smart app will then filter your contacts to show you the people who are most aligned with your interests. This can be seen through the relevance score assigned by xS.

The app is also useful for those who are attending major gathering events in a stranger place where they do not know anyone. Users first much check-in their planned destination to see others who have also checked in that place. This way, users can plan ahead their business trip itinerary and identify the people they want to personally network.

To reach out to the relevant people in your network, you can click the “meet up” button and add the person to your nextSociety’s agenda. You can also tap another icon and “reach out” to the contact through a LinkedIn message.

nextSociety is Still in Beta

Although it’s stated that nextSociety protects your personal data and employs the highest privacy standards, there are still people who have seen a security issue in the app. It doesn’t provide enough privacy features to help limit the exposure of the most prominent public figures in the business industry. The filters also need to be improved so the app can better give what most call “relevant connections”. The app’s developer hopes to fix these issues in the next update.

nextSociety is still in beta and is only available in Apple’s App Store currently.