News aren’t for kids, at least that’s what we’re programmed to think. That’s why young learners are often left out of the trending conversations. They become unaware of what’s happening around them because they’re being devoid of the topics that are also relevant to them. The solution? Tailor the news so it will fit perfectly to their ability to comprehend.

Newsela is an innovative solution to help kids join in the conversation on daily news. It’s created for them to master their reading skills, but beyond that, to help them think critically and worldly.

Newsela Aides Kids to Understand the Now

Newsela is news publishing platform that aides students under the K-12 program to master their reading comprehension through offering articles written at five levels of text complexity. Aside from improving their reading comprehension, this allows students to participate in the conversation on the headlining news.

The news articles published in the site are written in a variety of versions to make it more engaging and right for the reading ability of each student. Whether or not a student requires an easier or hardier version of an article, it can be accessed right away on the platform with a click.

Newsela is a Tool for Instruction

Newsela was designed to help registered teachers make news easily accessible and comprehensible for young students. Jennifer Coogan, a former reporter for Bloomberg and Reuters, and her editorial team carefully selects the articles to be published on the platform. Other publications also partner with Newsela to handpick two news stories each day- one breaking news and one feature for the site.

They then rewrite the articles in all different levels and group them into the existing categories. The categories include: War & Peace, Kids, Money, Science, and Law. The stories presented are timely, wordly, and substantial, which means no news on the rising gossips in Hollywood or the in the entertainment scene.

Newsela Doesn’t Want Content that Dumb Down Students

The news organisation uses the Lexile educational tool to tweak the story’s level of difficulty. Most featured stories are accompanied by Common Core-aligned quizzes to assess the student’s understanding and enable critical thinking for immediate feedback.

The student’s progress can be tracked down through Newsela’s analytics dashboard. Teachers have to register to the platform first before setting it up in the classroom.